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Maryland, USA

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About the Role

As an In-Home Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) at Creations Clinical Services, you will embody our mission of delivering compassionate, empathetic, and holistic behavior analysis services to individuals and families in need. You will serve as a beacon of support and guidance, not only for our clients but for their families as well, fostering a collaborative and nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.

Through active listening and genuine empathy, you will develop a deep understanding of their challenges, strengths, and aspirations, allowing you to tailor interventions that resonate with their values and goals.

With a holistic approach at the forefront of your practice, you will consider the interconnectedness of all aspects of an individual's life- from their home environment to their social interactions and community involvement. By addressing the underlying factors contributing to behavior challenges, you will not only promote skill acquisition but also enhance the overall quality of life for our clients.


  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification

  • Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis or related field

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. (Newly certified individuals are encouraged to apply).

  • Proficiency in conducting functional behavior assessments and developing behavior intervention plans.

  • Strong leadership and supervision skills

  • Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with families and other stakeholders

  • Dedication to evidence-based practices and ongoing professional development

  • Compassionate and person-centered approach to service delivery, accommodating the unique needs and values of each individual and family.

About the Company

Compassion, individualization, and overall wellness are at the forefront of ABA service delivery at Creations Clinical Services.

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